Saturday, 31 March 2012

Round 3

We have started  cycle 3 of chemo.  This round is short and intense.  It goes for 5 days.  Allegra had her first  chemotherapy dose last Thursday, it was Cytarabine (AraC) intrathecal .  Now for 5 days she has Cytarabine high doze IV at 8am and 8pm and Etoposide IV in the morning after Cytarabine.
Allegra has been on these chemotherapy medicines before but the doses in this cycle are a lot higher.  The list of side effects is endless and frightening.

Conjunctivitis - Allegra has eye drops to hopefully prevent this.
Nausea - more anti-nausea medicines that so far have not worked.
Vomiting - all through the night, therefore lots of washing and 2 Masons have proven to be not enough.
Loss of appetite - Allegra is not interested in food at all and has not been for months.
Fever - so far, not.
Flu-like symptoms - more aches and pains, just what she doesn't need.
Skin rash - her little bottom is so red and sore.
Decrease in blood count - so far, it's stable.
Mucositis - this is coming up when she becomes Neutropenic.
Diarrhoea - this is constant and has been for months.
Hair loss - Allegra has a little long strands and is now losing her eyelashes.

And then there are the rare side effects which are horrible and I don't want to go there, and the long term side effects which are yet to come.
It wasn't the best start to this cycle.  My little Allegra has been so unwell and in extreme pain and so sad for her that she was in this state when we went home.  The poor little darling tried so hard to be happy.
Her sleep is broken by vomiting and nappy changes.  The chemotherapy medicines are so toxic that I have to change her nappy every 2 hours.  She is done with nappy changes, she just wants to sleep and I am constantly waking her to change her nappy, put eye drops in, change her clothes and her pillow because of the vomit.  I am still trying to accept chemo as a good thing.  It is horrendous but it is making her better after it is making her so sick.
Make sense???????

Allegra had a X-ray and ultrasound on her abdomen yesterday and it showed nothing that could be causing this pain and discomfort.  Still searching.
Her dressing change was done on Thursday and the wound is "looking good", it is healing to the best it possibly could and the Plastics Team are surprised.  Surprised - I am not, my little Allegra is amazing and I am so proud of her.
Her ability to deal with everything and to heal is extraordinary.
She is extraordinary!  Bless you sweet child of mine.

We are more than half way there.  Yay go Allegra and go Team Allegra!

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