Wednesday, 4 April 2012

About Allegra Mia

I dreamt of Allegra Mia for 16 years.  I visualised Allegra Mia.  I tried so hard for Allegra Mia to come into my life.

Allegra Mia came to me - My Liveliness. 
I am so grateful and thankful and still can't believe my lifetime dream/wish came true.  I am blessed to have Allegra Mia in my life.

I never thought I could love so much, I didn't think it was possible.  When Allegra Mia and I met for the first time I fell in love. I have never felt love like this and I know I will never love like this again.  It is lucky Allegra doesn't have to share my love with siblings.  She has the lot and there is so much love for her.

Allegra loves cuddles (tuddles) and kisses especially from her mummy, thank goodness. She wants more cuddles now especially when she is unsure about someone or in pain.  It's her protection and it is a safe place while in mummy's arms.  She also cuddles her Mason constantly, he goes everywhere with her.

Anything my little Allegra loves, is given, accepts or medically attached to her she embraces it and says "tuddles".  I love this about Allegra, just so accepting.
When she goes off to sleep she rolls to her side asks for "pats".  She loves her bottom patted.  Mar Ma (Allegra's Grandma) has patted Allegra since birth, now we all have to keep it up.  She has always been nursed or cuddled to sleep.

Allegra loves her family to bits in particular her cousins (Bee Bee, Harry & Char Char) and Mar Ma who absolutely adore her.  But don't we all......

She feels very close to our dear and sincere friends of all ages.  She knows who is special in our lives.
Allegra has a very friendly personality, she is talkative, accepting, resilient, brave, inspiring, loving, happy, aware, clever, easy going, determined, hilarious, affectionate, secure, animated and very very cute.
She has the biggest smile and wise beautiful eyes that sparkle.  Her skin is pure and angelic, her hair is silky white and her body is lean and petite.  She is an absolute angel.

Allegra loves music, singing and dancing.  Even when Allegra was in traction flat on her back Allegra would dance with her arms and hands in the air.  She has been to many live music performances and is the number one fan, dancing, clapping and screeching with joy.  She certainly does turn heads and the performers notice her immediately.  My little groupie - taking over from her Aunty Du Du (Indu).

Allegra loved her mummy's cooking and was into all foods. Allegra and I went to the market weekly, it was fun for both of us.  Allegra had her favourite marketeers and was always given food treats.  Allegra only ate organic or bio-dynamic food.  She did have vomiting episodes after snapper and flathead on a few occasions, so we now say she is sensitive to white fish.

Allegra loves animals, all living  creatures and flowers.  Her favourite is the rose - we have always taken time to stop and smell the roses.  Allegra learnt to sniff roses at such an early age.

Allegra thoroughly enjoys the outdoors, walking in her pram, on the back of our bike, swinging on the swing and all playgrounds.  Allegra loves to learn and is very adventurous.  She did love to swim and looked forward to her weekly lesson.

Allegra's favourite colour is purple, everything is purple.  We ask what colour is this - and her response is "purple" even if it is not.
She has "signed" (auslan) since she was a wee little baby girl and has continued this.  I am teaching her the alphabet now.  My little Allegra is also bi-lingual, she speaks Italian, Greek and Arabic, she says ciao, bacio,  yia yia, habibi and picks up words easily. 
Allegra loves to read books and points out every detail. She has quite a collection.  Story time at night and first thing in the morning are special times for us together.

At the moment Allegra is into dinosaurs, I have ordered a green dinosaur  birthday cake with a purple ribbon around its neck .  I ask my little Allegra "baby how old are you going to be" and she responds eagerly and very proud of herself "two" and puts up one finger up.  Her birthday is on the 18th April and we will be celebrating this in hospital, when she is Neutropenic.

Allegra makes wishes to Buddha - I wonder what she wishes for?
At bedtime Allegra chooses a star on her night turtle and we wish upon that carefully chosen star.  This is our night time saying:

Star light Star bright 
First star I see tonight 
Wish I may Wish I might 
Wish upon this star tonight.  

I ask "What are we going to wish for baby"?  Allegra responds "better".  I blink back tears and we say together, we wish for Allegra to get better soon, to take all her pain away and make Allegra comfortable again.  
Please Please make our wish come true.

Allegra Mia LOVES life - Believe in me and Fight for me.

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