Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter - Good Friday

My little Allegra was unwell and extremely miserable on Friday, she became neutropenic and fought off spiking in temperature all day.  She tried so hard to be happy but did manage to give the Cadbury Easter bunny a warm welcome.

He was lucky enough to be blown enthusiastic  kisses.  Allegra received a chocolate Easter bunny then waved bye to him.
She cuddled it, put it to bed with her, put a blankey over it and kissed it.  It was melting in her hands and was quite upset with the foil tearing. " Oh ohhhh mummy", with a sad face. It was so innocently cute.
Allegra did not like Ronald McDonald at all and was not impressed by the other characters. All the other celebrities came to her door and Allegra said no no no. Mummy had to come good and be the one to meet the celebs and sports people.

Allegra during the week had been filmed by Chanel 7.  She was sitting up in her princess bed with her purple Guess long sleeve T on.  She appeared during the ,good Friday Appeal many times and each time we were excited to see our little Allegra on the big screen.  Yes she does make us very proud.

It was a very emotional day as Allegra wasn't feeling well and having our little Allegra in hospital as one of the sick children was overwhelming and surreal.  Over the years Mum and I have had the Good Friday appeal on tv and together we have cried at the sick kids and babies, listening to the heart wrenching stories and here we were this year living that moment of sadness.
Good Friday at the Royal Children's Hospital is hectic and a buzz.  
We were not in the mood and were looking forward to the end of it.
So for the rest of Easter we are relaxing or hope to relax.  The do not disturb sign is going up and we are not answering the door today to any doctors, cleaners or finger prickers and NO there are no food trays in here to collect.

Great result - another record and they haven't counted our collection tin yet.

Happy Easter from Allegra and myself. XxxxX

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  1. love this photo of you two. The support and the relaxed pose of you both.
    You are real heroes. All our love and best wishes.
    Chloe and Poppy xxxx