Sunday, 15 April 2012

Happy Days - Outside!

Allegra and I have been enjoying the gorgeous days outside.  We are allowed to be off feed and medicine and detached from her medicine pole for 1 hour a day.
This all came about because Allegra wants to go for walks and we are not allowed to walk around the ward during busy periods.  For a reason which I will touch on soon.
It has been very difficult and you can imagine that a nearly-2 year old just does not understand.  So eventually the medical staff came up with a valid solution and brightly suggested time off and outside.  Wow it didn't take long....  You can hear sarcasm?  Yep.
Anyway pleas enjoy these gorgeous pics of my little Allegra.  We have had a lovely time.
The first I carried her in my arms and we sat on a seat under a gum tree, Allegra fell asleep in my arms and I sobbed.
The second time we were flying like kites.  Allegra loved the feeling of the "wind" in her face.  We were flying "very fast".  The giggles of delight are embedded in me.

The third time we sat and looked and looked at all the exciting things around us.
Can't wait for our hour today, together.


  1. Such an amazing reminder Jac to enjoy the little things like fresh air and sunshine. So very happy to hear that Allegra is getting some lovely time outdoors, and that she is needing less and less on her medicine pole. xxxxoooo Jo, J, Oscar and Indie.

  2. So happy that you are able to enjoy the beautiful autumn sunshine. It can seem like a little thing but its big. XXX Ally & John