Monday, 9 April 2012

No Vac Pump

More great news for us today and very unexpected.
The Plastics Team did a dressing change on Allegra's bone marrow site wound this morning and I mentioned that it has been bothering her causing an increase in pain.  Her morphine analgesia had been increased and she was needing her break through dose.
It was also painful for my little Allegra during the treatment and he suggested that we dress it with a silver dressing instead of the vacuum seal, which he did. He said the wound was "granulating beautifully and the nerves were healing and this could be more painful for Allegra".

So I handed over the pump with great pleasure and we are now 1 line/tube less.

 Very exciting! Another achievement and more progress for my little Allegra, she is just so clever.

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  1. despite all the tubes she looks so strong and determined in this pic Jacqui. She is one special girl.
    All our love
    Chloe and Poppy