Sunday, 22 April 2012

Happy Birthday

It's my baby's Birthday!!!!!!   Happy 2nd Birthday to my little Allegra.
It's a purple party in room 214 at the RCH.  It's a bitter sweet day but I will cry happy tears, not tears of sadness at the circumstances.
Unfortunately, this year little Allegra will not be celebrating her 2nd birthday with her friends.  But don't you worry kiddies, Aunty Jacqui will make it up to you all next year for the no. 3 birthday party.  This year Allegra will be celebrating with her family and nurses and doctors and other RCH staff.

Allegra had a beautiful sleep last night, thanks to her new pain analgesia.  She woke this morning at 5am.   And I was ready and waiting patiently for her to call out "mummy tuddle", but that was not to be, I heard a poo explosion then "mummy, poo".   I was so excited to wish my baby girl a happy birthday and to see her expression when she looked around our room.  She noticed the balloons at the end of her bed and wanted them with such delight.  I asked her who's birthday is it today and she pointed to herself and said "Llegra".  I sung happy birthday to her (remember we have been practising) and she bopped along and said "hooray" and told me she was "happy".
Mum and I were up last night decorating our room with streamers and balloons, purple of course with a touch of white.  I wanted Allegra to feel straight away that this is a different day to any other day.  Today is going to be a happy day - Allegra's happy birthDAY.
We are boycotting finger pricks, dressing changes, X-rays and scans.  This in the end did not happen, Allegra had 2 dressing changes and was not happy about either of them.

Balloons and more balloons arrived from Stella and Lilly and they even played and sung happy birthday.  Allegra loves them and they fly high in our room against the window. 
3 very important people in Allegra's life who she adores took a day off school, to spend this happy occasion with their dearly loved baby cousin.  They wouldn't miss it for the world.  They waited and waited for their baby birthday cousin to wake up.  Come on Allegra wake up!!!!!!
Aunty Nic wagged work.  Ma Mar was here bright and early to sing and dote.  Poppy came.  Daddy was here of course and nanny came too.  Aunty Kirky, Aunty Fi Fi and Uncle Timmy came straight from work.  The kookaburra ward made a huge fuss with lots of visitors and gave her a baby doll and a stroller.  Allegra wanted to walk and push it immediately.

Oh ohhhhh, Allegra has not walked in 6 months. I was bent over supporting her while she twinkle toed around the ward pushing the stroller.  The smile and wonderment of herself was breathtaking and emotional.  She was so proud of herself and so were we.  Everyone came out to witness this joyous occasion. The more audience Allegra had the more she wanted to walk.   Koala Kids made a chocolate smash cake full of lollies.  Beth came and sung songs with Allegra.

Everyone was excited to celebrate and wish this gorgeous, fun, loving girl a happy birthday and showered her with gifts.  We were still opening presents a day later.

The French Lettuce on Nicholson Street, Carlton made Allegra's Birthday cake.  When I phoned to order the cake and explained we were in hospital and asked if it was possible to have it delivered, the owner Nicole so kindly and sincerely said she would deliver it and make it as a Happy Birthday Gift to Allegra.

Nicole and her husband Peter personally delivered the cake to us.  It was lovely for them to meet Allegra and me thank them personally for their generosity which I feel so overwhelmed by.  I appreciate what they have done for us and I will never forget it.  Allegra's dinosaur cake is amazing to look at and absolutely delicious to taste.

Thank you Nicole and Peter for helping to make Allegra's Birthday extra special.

We sat outside on the lawn, and caught bubbles, chased her cousins and giggled in the sunshine for a couple of hours. My little Allegra was overwhelmed by the all the attention and excitement.   It was all too much and Allegra had a unsettled afternoon and night.

Sweet child of mine I wish for you a very Happy Birthday and many many more to come.
I wish and wish and wish for a healthy and pain free life that is full of surprises, lots of giggles, endless love and loads of fun.
My biggest wish is that you will always be safe and you do whatever you want or desire to do.  You have a long life ahead of you and as the saying goes - your world is your oyster.  I BELIEVE IN YOU......
Thank you little Allegra for the best 2 years of my life.  You have fulfilled my dream, my life and you have given me a purpose.  You are my world and my one and only.
I hope you have the happiest day possible.

Thank you everyone for your messages and videos of wishes and love, gifts and thoughts.  You have all helped to make Allegra's birthday a happy special day.


  1. love you allegra xxx -stell and lil

  2. Hi Jacqui, my name is Kristin and I found your blog through a mutual friend (Felix). Your story is heartbreaking, but your posts are full of hope and beauty. Happy birthday to your beautiful Allegra. I hope she is able to return home soon and indeed celebrate her next birthday outside the hospital.

    If I can ever help you with anything blog--related, let me know. I'm on Blogger, too. Wishing you strength and light. That cake is incredible, btw.

  3. Jill wishes Allegra a happy birthday