Saturday, 5 May 2012

Room 230

Wednesday 2nd May was a day I want to cherish.  Allegra was so well, she was happy, not in pain, playful, cheeky and very talkative.  This was the best she has been in for 6 months.  I have missed her being like this, I have missed the little Allegra that we all know best.  There IS light at the end of the tunnel and this day I finally saw it.  My little Allegra is going to be well soon.

Allegra saw one of her little friends today, Izzy.  We went over to give Izzy her happy 2nd birthday present.  Well it bought tears to 4 adults eyes.  These two gorgeous little girls were so excited to see each other.  They kissed and could not take their eyes off each other.  It hit me as to how much I miss seeing Allegra with her little friends and a wave of sadness came across me as we had to go back to hospital for our next stint.  I wanted to stay and play and I know Allegra would have wanted to also.  But accepting as she is, off we went.  Where are we going baby? "hospital, nurses, doctors".  So so cute.

I found myself settling into Room 230 just a little too well and comfortable, probable because we have been here before (like 5 months) and know the drill.  Our evening nurse says "we are easy customers", little does she know we want a room with a better view.  And the lovely Nurse Michelle was here to re-admit us, Michelle was our very first nurse here at Kookaburra.  Thank you Michelle again for looking after us and our needs.

We arrived back into hospital at 3pm after 10 days of being at home with a few visits to hospital and an overnight stay.
Allegra had a dressing change and her anti fungal IV then chemo began.
She was ok about coming back to hospital and she wanted to sleep with "mummy in the bed".  I was to sleep right beside her and share a pillow.  Anything for my baby girl. 

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