Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Mothers Day

I am privileged to be the mother of a gorgeous little girl - Allegra Mia.  I feel honoured and  count my blessings everyday to be a Mum - Allegra's mummy.

The best mothers day present was waking up beside my little Allegra.
I was able to have breakfast in bed.  Allegra stayed in bed watching kids shows while she waited for me as I ran around to the kitchen, made a cup of tea and tin baked beans on toast.    We had a beautiful day together alone, exactly what I wanted and needed,  just the 2 of us together.

I was completely spoilt - Allegra made me a card with Amy (art therapist), Mum bought me purple pyjamas with butterflies from Allegra, a card decorated and written on by Allegra with Mum's assistance, a card from mum and a card from Allegra via Aunty Julie in Perth, a card from the Fewson Family and chocolates.
 How beautiful are my nieces?  Charlotte bought me soap from the mothers day stall at school and Bree bought me a mascara. My loving brother Scott bought my 2 treasured nieces in and both Allegra and I were happy to share our day with them for a couple of hours.  My gorgeous friend Kirky bought me in a bag of makeup and creams and slippers.  These were appreciated so much as my SK1 1 lotions and potions were thrown out by the cleaners,  best I leave it there.
My thoughtful friend Jo bought in a bottle of wine, (disguised), a book and box of chocolates. They go perfectly together and did.  I also received many beautiful sms's from friends and my beloved brother Brad.  People are so thoughtful, generous and kind.  Thank you for making it the best Mothers Day I have had.

I realised that a lunch at my favourite restaurant or any gift in the world could ever measure up to the greatest gift. 
The greatest gift is right there in front of me, in my arms - Allegra.  
Thank you for choosing me to be your mummy.


  1. Happy Mumma's day Jacqui, you truly are an amazing mother,! Love to Allegra, love from all us xoxox

  2. Oh.....Blessings to you and Allegra. Glenys Xxx