Friday, 11 May 2012

4 down none to go.

The evening of Monday 7th May 2012 Allegra's chemotherapy - Mitoxantrone was hung for the final time.  Yes chemotherapy has finished!!!!!
My champion daughter did it.  Mum and I had a moment of tears, happy ones  remembering the very first cycle and how far we have come.  We are nearly there and as brother Brad would say we are on the home straight.  Nurse Michelle was again our symbolic nurse, she had the pleasure of hanging and then removing the empty bag of blue chemotherapy.

Although this was a very intense cycle Allegra handled it very well.  Her vomiting was controlled by numerous anti-nausea medicine and we perfected the timing of it.  She only vomited on the first few days.  Did I mention champion daughter?

We are now waiting for a spike in temperature.  As soon as this happens Allegra will start antibiotics then wait for another temperature.  This is "normal".  Allegra's blood counts are dropping and she is expected to remain Neutropenic for 35+ days.  She will require blood and platelets transfusions throughout this time.  She has already had blood and I think by tomorrow she will need platelets.

We are in an air locked self ventilated room, Room 224 and it has a view.  Allegra is unable to come out and very few people can come in.  We are going to be kept busy entertaining and finding enough distractions. It is very hard while she is feeling ok, she wants to walk and leave the room.  She sees people walking by and doesn't understand.  My little Allegra is just like me, wants to be out there being social.  Together we will do it.

Tomorrow and over the weekend we are going to work on Ma Mars mothers day card and learn 1-10 in Italian.  Hmmmmm then we will, ummmmmm read our new books from Randal, watch more YouTube and Wiggles, stick more stickers and count down the days.

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  1. So SO SOOO good!! What an amazing baby, mummy and Ma Mar. I cant full describe the feeling of joy when I came in and you told me the news, that the last dose ever had been done and dusted. Feels like we can see a light at the end of the long, convoluted tunnel. And to watch Allegra play and laugh and make funny jokes in the time she was awake was beautiful. Love you all....DuDu