Saturday, 31 March 2012

Home Time

We had a lovely day at home on Tuesday as previously blogged.
Then Allegra slept terribly on Tuesday night because of pain.  I am constantly questioning the doctors and just not accepting we need to ride through it.  My little Allegra should not be experiencing this terrible feeling.  Her bone marrow is getting healthy, her bones are healing, she has blood counts - so why?

Mum and I thought lets still go home we may as well be in the comfort of our home than hospital.  We hoped being home may perk her up a bit.

Nope, it didn't.  Poor little poppet did not move from our laps.  She went from mine to Mums.  She huddled into our chests, shut her eyes and groaned constantly. We could not distract her from her pain and it was not subsiding. I was reluctant to put her in the car and take her back to hospital because the car trip would have been horrible for her.  I was on the phone to the Oncology doctors and they recommended to give her break through morphine, which I did.
At 6pm my little Allegra was comfortable, her cuteness and huge personality started to shine through.  Mum and I were relieved and started to get excited that we would be able to stay home overnight.
Nurses from Hospitals in the Home came and hung Allegra's anti fungal IV medicine (Lipo Amphetersine).

That ran for 1 hour and then flushed for 15 minutes.  My little Allegra played with them and entertained them in her home. Mum and I relaxed with a well deserved glass of wine and watched Allegra settle into home. Ahhhhh to be at home with my baby girl and mums Munchikin.

Allegra said "bed, night night". I asked her which bed and she responded "mummy's".

I tucked her up in bed and she slept the whole night through, even through nappy changes.  It clearly showed that she was comfortable at home and loved being there.  I was thrilled for her that she got a good night sleep. I was up every 2 hours giving her medicine but relaxed and just loved us being in our big bed TOGETHER.  She kept rolling into and snuggling into me.  I cherished every second.  We had to wake her unfortunately to bring her back to hospital at 7.30 am for her pre meds for the dressing change scheduled at 8am.
This went well and we were told that chemotherapy can start tonight so we can go back home for the day.  Allegra is ready to go with her chosen hat and mask on. We were off again - back home.

We had snippets of good times playing but Allegra was unwell, but we nursed her in the comfort of our home.
We did get to go for a walk in her pram through the park and Allegra loved pointing out dogs with their daddy's, aeroplanes and kids running.  The simple things in life are so enjoyable.
My little Allegra was ok about coming back to hospital - I wasn't.
And cycle 3 of chemotherapy started.

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