Sunday, 11 March 2012

Music Therapy

Beth, the music therapist comes to Allegra twice a week (officially) and sneeks in any other time she is free, knowing that Allegra is a massive fan and Beth is always welcomed into our room.

Beth plays music, Allegra joins in with instruments and they sing songs together.  Beth brings props, always a smile and good energy. They have a lovely relationship.  Beth came once to Allegra and won her over immediately by singing "Old Macdonald" - Allegra's favourite nursery rhyme.  The second time they met again Allegra said "eee i eee i oooo".  Whenever Allegra sees Beth or hears Beth's name mentioned Allegra says "eee i eee i oooo".

Beth has played to Allegra in her happy, well playful times, and during painful procedures and scans.  Allegra has also been fortunate enough to have had Beth sing lullabyes to her as she peacefully falls asleep.  Such beautiful and emotional moments.  Beth is a very special talented lady who brightens Allegra's day.

Just the other day they were filmed together and it was played on the in house kids' tv show - Going Nuts with Macadamia. Allegra loves watching herself on television.

My little Allegra responds to music and has done since she was in my tummy.  So to have the wonderful Beth and her music therapy is one of the few uplifting moments in Allegra's stay here in RCH.

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