Wednesday, 21 March 2012

How it all Began - Part 2 Update

Continuing the events of Wednesday 23 rd November 2011:
Cancelling my massage appointments for the day on our way into emergency at the RCH, I was anxious about the real life situation we were in.  I have learnt about myself, that the unknown is what I am always most anxious about. Thoughts and fears flooded my mind.  How many days should I cancel?  What was in store for us?  What were they going to have to do?  What was wrong with my baby girl?
You can not prepare yourself for what may happen or what is wrong and I did fear something.  
It wasn't long before we saw a doctor and he did observations and palpated Allegra's left leg. It was obvious there was definite pain in the upper lateral part of her leg and her hip flexors.  
Allegra was administered sedation and muscle relaxant (Valium) so X-rays so an ultrasound could be performed.  This medication was necessary as Allegra's leg would have to be fully extended at the hip and she was unable to do it, since it was extremely painful.
The x-ray results soon came back and the diagnosis was "osteomyelitis (bone infection), maybe in the joint or just in the bone (femur),  we needed the ultrasound results to confirm".
I felt ill.  What was going to happen now?  How did this happen?  I knew something was wrong and my poor little Allegra had been telling me she was sore and I was too slow.  Massive self blame and guilt soon set in.  Not realistic feelings but felt genuine at the time.
I was relieved initially that it wasn't in the hip joint, the "infection" was isolated in the femur.
Antibiotics needed to start immediately so a cannula would have to be inserted.  What a needle into my baby's vein!  Local AnGel cream was applied to the backs of Allegra's hands and elbow creases and we waited an hour for the local anesthetic to work.  We were taken into the treatment room - I was shaking.  I explained to Allegra what was about to happen and it needed to be done.  Allegra was fine, she just did not like being immobilised.  A cannula was inserted into the back of Allegras left hand. We now waited to be admitted.

So we were admitted into 4 main (the old hospital) in a room of 6 beds, with my little Allegra having a diagnosis of osteomyelitis of the left femur in the upper aspect of the shaft.  Antibiotics were connected up.  This seems like a lifetime ago and I have trouble remembering.  But all I do remember is people coming around constantly introducing themselves from various departments: haematology, infectious disease, orthopaedics, general medicine etc. etc. etc. asking questions and it seemed to be the same questions over and over.  Has she been ill before?  When did you notice something different?  Have you been overseas recently?  Has Allegra been in contact with animals?

Allegra accepted her bandaged up hand and managed to find a way to play, turn book pages and hold onto things.  My clever, resourceful little Allegra made her mummy proud once again.


  1. Hi Jacqui and Allegra,
    My thoughts and love are with you both.
    Every time I read your blog I marvel at the strength you show. Allegra is such a beautiful, strong, resourceful and inspiring individual.

    1. Thank you Di - your thoughts mean a lot to us.
      Allegra is truly amazing and I am so proud to call her my baby daughter.

  2. Oh gosh just reading this has brought it all back it does seem like another life ago you have been through so much.

    1. Yes and you have been there with us all the way.
      Thank you for your love and endless support.

  3. Hi Jacqui,
    Thanks so much for your blog. We have been thinking & talking about Allegra everyday so it is great to be able to keep in touch. Stay strong you 2 gorgeous gals! Allison

  4. We will stay strong. We have each other and Grandmas strength.
    Thank you for your daily thoughts.