Thursday, 16 August 2012

Thank You

Thank you seems to be not a grand enough word that I can express to each and everyone of you.  Whether you are a relative, a friend, an acquaintance, a friend of our family, a friend of a friend or someone I have not personally met you have all touched our hearts in some way or another.

Clare, Ian, Leo & Lola from the UK, wow, you beautiful people have sent the nicest words, loveliest cards and drawings, gorgeous gifts and recently the prettiest bracelet ever.
Aunties holy Hindi ash, which Allegra and I put on our foreheads as our own little ritual prior to surgery each time. We believed it protected us and gave us strength.  It was treasured.
The cute kiddie pictures from all the littlies decorated our room and help brighten Allegra's day.
Jewellery for Allegra and myself from earth was comforting, spiritual and cleansing.
Hats, all the hats that came in were fantastic.  Allegra loves to choose a hat from the bag, tries them all on and then settles with one, she looks gorgeous in everyone of them.
Toys, being isolated for the majority of Allegra's stay, a selection of toys were appreciated as entertaining was a big part of our day.
Indu,  I love your variation of chocolate and am grateful for the sugar rush through the night as energy was required 24/7.  Your good night messages are always lovely to receive, you had only missed a couple of nights the whole time in hospital and have kept them up since being at home.  Beautiful.
Another Mason (cherished and loved so much) was greatly appreciated during chemotherapy.  Allegra can not have enough Masons, thank you Julie & Harry.
Through Jay and Jo's generosity we had access to the outside world and I was able to continue the blog when I was allowed to use OUR Ipad.
Thank you Margaret for all your assistance and expertice in my blog and giving me the confidence to write it and encouraging me to continue it.  Your blessed gifts from India are powerful and meaningful and meant a lot to us.
Anita, Nic and Jenny you girls are gold, thank you for looking after my very tired body and making my nails look pretty.
Jill and Drew what can I say.  You will never know how much you helped Allegra and I.  I still tear up thinking about what you did for us.
Julie Julie Julie, you are awesome for coming to Melbourne when I so desperately needed someone, thankfully you were here when we had to be re-admitted unexpectedly.  You, Gareth, Brett and Ali have also been so generous to us.
Aunty Di (Nanny Di), thank you for your interstate travels.  You have been fantastic and we love you coming over from Perth.  You are great company for Mum and your friendship to her is invaluable.  Thank you for being there for her and spending many hours with us in hospital.   I love it how you use your 50 year nursing experience with Allegra.
My chic friends (and their men), Andrea, Rachel, Kellie, Kirky, Jo, Jen & Fi for their delicious food deliveries.  I seriously appreciate your masterchefness and sorry Kirky I will never get tired of your Butter Chicken.
Now for my family.  All of you are the absolute most loving, supportive, caring people a daughter/sister could wish for.  I love you all so very very much and when Allegra learns about this period in her life, I know she will feel the same.
Uncle Bwad (Brad my bro) and Aunty sissy (my sis in law) thank you for all your interstate visits and long long hours spent in hospital playing with and dancing to Allegra, coming to medical meetings, 24/7 phone calls.  Your endless support is appreciated greatly.  Brad you give the best hugs and I will always need a hug from you.  Sissy your so wise and clever, goodness knows where I would be without your expertise.
My bro (Scott), Nic (sis in law) and the other loves of my lives Bree, Harry and Charlotte, thank you for brightening up our day and bringing to Allegra fun, love and laughter.  Scott you gave me your word when I planned my motherhood future and I cherish you sticking to it.  You are my rock.
Mum your 100% commitment to us will be forever indebted to you.  You have given up your life to be here for Allegra and I, you are completely selfless.  The long hours everyday and night spent with us, washing (chemotherapy keeps Huggies and Eco laundry liquid in business), cooking, shopping, errand running etc etc etc.  I  could not have managed without you.  You continually teach me how to be a Mum and the time spent in RCH together and now at home, I have learnt so much that I will carry with me forever.  Both Allegra and I cherish you, adore you, love you, admire you, respect you and miss you when your not here.
Bryan thank you for firstly supporting Mum, then Allegra and me.  We love our Poppy visits and special deliveries.  Your the best Step Dad anyone could wish for.
My Dad in Thailand is far away but his constant phone calls are a comfort and I feel close to him.
Thank you to all of our blog followers who send their supportive wishes to us.  We like to receive comments, it shows we do have readers.
My family and friends have constantly been there for Allegra and myself and we will never forget what you have each done for us.
We are truly and totally overwhelmed by everyone's love, whether near or far. 

Almost everyone that hears of our circumstance has asked us in one way or another, What can I do to help?

Allegra has had a lot of blood transfusions and with the human kindness of donating blood this has made this possible. 
Please consider giving blood:

Because of this aggressive disease and the chromosonal abnormalities found in Allegra's leukaemia cells, she may have had to have a bone marrow transplant.  Luckily she fought hard and overcame this.  We need to keep fighting hard and keep our positive believing and thinking going so this does not enter our lives.  At this time, we really need your love, wishes,  prayers and positive thoughts to keep Allegra well. I would also like to encourage people to consider becoming bone marrow donors.
Signing up is easy and painless.  You can find more information on this link:

If you are pregnant, or are ever planning on becoming pregant, I would also urge you to consider donating your baby’s umbilical cord blood if you are not planning on saving it yourself.  It costs nothing and could save someone’s life.  Find out more at the link below.

“We just never know when our actions might positively or miraculously impact another person’s life.”

If you would like to make a donation to the Allegra Mia Benefit Fund, you can mail a cheque to:

Allegra Mia Fewson Ward
PO Box 1424
Fitzroy North   Vic   3068

Or deposit into:

Allegra Mia Benefit Fund
Bank of Melbourne
BSB No. 193-879
Account No. 431149042

I began writing this post whilst in hospital and have just finished it now.  I am completely overwhelmed by everyone's love, generosity and continued support.   Your continued  love and support is as important to us now we are home as both Allegra and I face this long slow journey to recovery.  Cured seems so far away.

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  1. That was beautiful. No thank you necessary it was incredible to see and be touched by yours, allegras, mah mars and your families streghth and resilience during all of this. Love Indu x