Monday, 4 June 2012

Done and Dusted!

As Allegra's blood counts skyrocketed and the next couple of days were going to be lovely, we decided our time here (I can now say there) was done.
We got the all clear from our Oncologist and Doctors that we could go home.
It took no time to finalise the logistics and I started to pack, at 7am on Wednesday morning.
All appropriate medical staff came to review Allegra and myself and give me a going home plan.  My little Allegra was so happy, people would ask, "how are you today Allegra?"  Her courteous reply was "home".  Bless her she was so ready.
She had a lovely morning sleep as I met with the appropriate medicos then a bath to wash away hospital ewwww, picked out her going home clothes and waited patiently.

The time had come.   The car was packed and we were ready.  So ready.  I had no fears, no doubt, no anxiety, no concerns, no worries, I have never felt more ready.
Over the months we would sit at our window and watch the trams go by.  I would ask her "baby when we go home shall we catch a tram or run?"  Her response would change each time.
There were nurses, doctors, admin, sponsors, volunteers, Mar Ma and daddy all there to witness this long awaited occasion.
With a lot of fuss and cheerios Allegra just wanted to go.  She bye byed, ciao ciao then yelled to me "Mummy run".  Oh my, I ran.  We ran.  Daddy ran. Mar Ma walked briskly.  We got inside the lifts and exhaled.... the feeling of relief and disbelief that our time is done.  As we drove out of the car park leaving the RCH complex I brushed and flicked off all RCH energy and hospitalisation.  My little Allegra (as she does) copied her mummy and was flicking the hospital out her window.  Bless you sweet child of mine.  You are an absolute champion. There is no medal that is grand enough for what you have done.  I am so proud and happy right now.  She tells me she is "better and happy".  And that makes me better and happy.
Allegra again settled into home with ease and excitement.
So here we are at home in remission, chemotherapy completed and time to heal our souls.

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  1. That was beautiful!!!! The best ever to imagine you all running out of there!!! Love Indu xxxxx